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Searching for pulmonologist in lucknow ? or pulmonologist near me? We’ll help you guide the best lung specialist in this tough covid time. Going from breath each time you attempt to do something right from picking up the normal grocery store bag and walking back home, to picking for stairs rather than the elevator

Breathing problems tend to influence several facets and ambitions of our everyday life. They may occur as a result of numerous reasons such as heart ailments, anxiety and muscular fatigue and/ or kidney issues. Pulmonology is a subspecialty of internal medicine concentrated on solving issues associated with the latter.

The World is facing Pandemic since 2019 that is affecting the lungs which has increased the requirement of pulmonogist doctors across the globe. We’ll help you guide best pulmonogist in lucknow – availability, appointment and experience.

Diagnosis and Treatment By Pulmonologist In Lucknow

Pulmonologists physicians in Lucknow has conducted a huge number of processes to assess the state of the patients. These lungs diagnosis include the following.:

  1. Chest ultrasound- This process can help to inspect the organs and other torso structures. 10. Sleep research – This aids diagnose sleep disorders like sleep apnea. 3. 4. Chest fluoroscopy- This really is an X-ray evaluation that is performed to obtain the means by which the lungs are working. 9. 2. 7. Pulse oximetry- It will help to spot the oxygen saturation level in blood.
    What approaches do Pulmonologists utilize?
  1. Pulmonary function evaluation – This breathing evaluation is done in order to assess the state of the lungs. 1. 8. Pleural biopsy- This is done in order to remove a tiny tissue sample in the pleura. Pleura is the tissue that envelopes the lungs.


Best Pulmonologist In Lucknow (Lungs Specialist)

1. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh (16+ Years Experience)

MBBS (KGMC), MD (Tuberculosis & Respiratory Disease)

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh is an expert pulmonologist in lucknow treating HIV, asthma, allergies, COPD, sleep apneas, tuberculosis, ILD and other respiratory diseases. He is specialized in asthma, difficult asthma, sarcoidosis & tuberculosis.

Contact Details:

C-567, H.A.L Church Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016

Phone No: (+91) 9650170666

Appointment URL: http://www.newlifeclinic.co.in/BookAppointmentsystem.aspx

2. Dr. B.P. Singh (35+ Years Experience)

MD (Pulmonary-medicine), FCCP, USA

Dr. B.P. Singh(Pulmonologist) expertises in interventional pulmonary procedures as bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, pulmonary rehabilitation.

Contact Details:

B-55 & C-42, Mandir Marg, Mahanagar Extention, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – 226006

Phone No: 1860-333-333-3 | 0522-2977777 | 0522-4042888

Appointment URL: https://midlandhealthcare.org/book-an-appointment/

3. Dr. Saif Uddin Chishti (7+ years)

MBBS and MD (Respiratory Medicine

He is specialized in Pulmonology, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine, and Diabetology. Dr. Saif Uddin has enormous experience in the clinical procedure, which includes: ICU Management, FNAC – Lung, and Lymph node, Pleural biopsy – Abrahams & Tru-cut needle, Ascitic Fluid tapping, Pleural fluid Aspiration, Bronchoscopy – Fibreoptic- BAL, Washing, TBNA, EBUS, Transbronchial lung biopsy, Brush biopsy, etc.

Contact Details:

2/4,Virat Khand , Near Haninman Crossing ,Nagar Jaipuria School, Gomti Nager, Lucknow

Phone No: 6386573237

Appointment URL: http://www.drsaifuddinchishti.com/Home/BookAppointmentsystem

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