We believe Hastings is the BEST place to experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Here's why.

Hastings has a full 2 minutes and 14 seconds of totality during the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

This is one of the longest times of totality you'll find throughout the United States, and on top of that, Nebraska is known for being one of the most open states in the country.

On top of that, our viewing site is just outside of Hastings, but is directly on the centerline and has a longer period of totality. 

There are miles of spacious land to experience the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in the most epic way possible, easy ways to get around, and the ability to avoid large crowds.

Hastings is centrally located, with sprawling parks, cultural activities, historic architecture and first-class education, medical and sporting facilities.

Hastings is a big, small town. However, our smaller population will come in handy while choosing your viewing location for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. 

Here, you can avoid big crowds, have plenty of open space, and be hang with the locals who enjoy having a good time while experiencing the cosmic wonder of a lifetime.

Hastings, Nebraska is a rural community rooted in hometown values and civic pride that maintains quality of life, through special places, cultural offerings and a stable economy.

When in Hastings, you don't have to just enjoy the 2017 Solar Eclipse and SolFest.

In addition, you can soak up the history of Hastings, try our local breweries (we have TWO, in fact!), eat at some of the most delicious restaurants in Nebraska or spend your day exploring our lively downtown.

Regardless of what your interests are, Hastings, Nebraska is the perfect place to have a well-rounded experience.

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