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What is a total solar eclipse anyways?

When the sun, the moon, and the earth align perfectly, an eclipse is taking place. 

During an eclipse, the moon is directly in between the sun and the earth and is gracefully casting a massive shadow on us earthlings. 

If you just so happen to be lucky enough to be located in the dark part of that shadow, called the umbra, you are witnessing a total solar eclipse, and you should invite all of your favorite people from all over the world to join you. Why do you ask? Because your life is about to be changed, and your mind will be blown. 

If you are located in the light part of the shadow, the penumbra, you will witness a partial eclipse, and you should definitely get in your car, or on a plane, train, bike, or walk to a place with totality. Like Hastings. For SolFest. You won't be sorry.

Is the total solar eclipse safe to look at?

The easy answer to this is YES, but there's a few things you need to know.

1. During the partiality of the solar eclipse. You are going to need to be wearing special solar eclipse glasses. Our rule of thumb: Suns out, shades out. 

Solar Eclipse Glasses will be sold in various retail locations throughout the city of Hastings for only $1.00 each, so you will have many opportunities to buy glasses for you and your family, friends, loved ones, or even for a stranger if you're feeling super friendly.

2. During totality ONLY, you can take off your solar eclipse glasses. 

I repeat, it is safe to view the interaction between the sun and the moon during the time of totality - which takes place at 12:58 PM and lasts for 2 minutes and 14 seconds here in Hastings, Nebraska.

3. Once the 2 minutes and 14 seconds of totality is finished, you will then need to put your solar eclipse glasses back on to view partiality again safely.


Our rule of thumb is: Suns out. Shades out.

Looking at the sun without proper protection will severely damage your eyes. Only during totality, can you take off your solar eclipse glasses.

Glasses will be for sale at the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center the day of the viewing.


We will have glasses for sale all around Hastings, but they will also be for sale our at Solar Eclipse Viewing site.

WHAT makes a total solar eclipse so much better than a partial solar eclipse?

Michael Bakich said it perfectly, "It's all about totality. Not to cast a shadow on things (punny), but likening a partial eclipse to a total eclipse is like comparing almost dying to dying. I know that 48 percent sounds like a lot. It isn't. You won't even notice your surroundings getting dark. And it doesn't matter whether the partial eclipse above your location is 48, 58, or 98 percent. Only totality reveals the true celestial spectacle: the diamond ring, the sun's glorious corona, strange colors in our sky, and seeing stars in the daytime."

Fun Fact: Here in Hastings, Nebraska, we are located in the path of totality. If you join us, you'll see stars in the daytime. Who wouldn't want to see stars in the daytime?

How do i know if i am in a location where i will see a total solar eclipse?

In the whole nation, there are only 14 states in the path of totality, and Nebraska just happens to be one.

In fact, Nebraska has more than 400 miles of land in the path of totality, making us the state with the largest amount of land to view the total solar eclipse. 

Not to mention, you can see for miles and miles here in Nebraska, so in our humble opinion, we are the best place in the whole world to view the 2017 solar eclipse. 

In the map right below this sentence, you'll see the path of totality through Nebraska. The blue line is the  path of the sun, but the shaded areas within the red lines all have access to viewing totality. 

Do i need a telescope to see this happen?

Nope! One of the coolest parts about a total solar eclipse is they are entirely visible to the naked eye. 

In fact, many people say they are best enjoyed through the naked eye. 

Still have questions? No worries. We would love to answer them.